Our philosophy

The cattery Cat's Mandou  was created in 2000.
It was real love at first sight for the extraordinary Maine Coon cat breed... In this website, we would like to share with you our passion.

Located in Plain of Vosges, in the Est of France, our family run cattery has few cats and kittens’ litter. Our concerns for respect of the cats, we bring our "Coons" all the care and necessary attention to offer beautiful, sociable and healthy kittens.
The lay out of our house responds to the needs of our Maine Coon companions. They benefit from spacious playgrounds where they can play and hunt,. Their number is voluntarily limited to improve their quality of life and to meet hygiene and health standards. Our cats live inside and outside the house.
Kittens who were born at in our home are prepared to later become wonderful companions in their future family. Our objective is to have kittens with a "healthy spirit in a healthy body".
We aim to protect, improve and respect the characteristics of the breed - strong muzzle, strong skeleton and big size. Our cats come from the blood lines of very big cats which is for us one of the essential criteria of the breed (among others!!!).
Our cats also participate in feline shows which allows us to evaluate their qualities for breeding and to have an external perspective on our work. Breeding and showing Maine Coon cats is our big passion !
When our kittens reach the age of 3 months, they can join their new family. They leave with two vaccins (Typhoid, Coryza), an electronic chip, with their pedigree Loof, a card of identification, a health book and a veterinarian certificate of good health. Kittens intended for the “show house” are neutered. We also propose a sale contract and supply the copy of the health tests of both parents.
All our breeded cats are detected FELV / FIV, HCM, HD, SMA and PKD.
We make a point to remain in contact with our offsprings’ owners for advice and discussions and with lovers of the breed in general.





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